Reading the law in a code book or a judge’s opinion can be confusing. In addition, with so many sources of information with different viewpoints found online, distinguishing legal fact from fiction is difficult. The American Bar Association recently launched a fact checking website so the public can find trustworthy answers to legal questions in the news. ABA Legal Fact Check was rolled out this August and it focuses exclusively on legal matters.

The website is an initiative of new ABA President Hilarie Bass. “In a world with multiple sources of information, it is often difficult to distinguish between fact and opinion,” Bass said. “Through our new ABA Legal Fact Check, the American Bar Association will use case and statutory law and other legal precedents to help set the record straight by providing the real facts about the law.”

The website’s initial topics include whether hate speech is protected speech, Freedom of Speech in the workplace, whether individuals can be punished for burning the American flag, who has the authority to redraw U.S. Circuit Courts, and the power of presidential pardons.