Little Known Secrets About Handwriting Identification

Date: Tuesday, August 18th

Time: 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Location: Zoom Webinar

Cost: FREE

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MCLE: One Hour General MCLE Credit

Are you a true crime junkie? Do you love watching forensic shows? Do you have cases that hinge on a single signature? Well, this is the webinar for you!!

About this Event

Court-qualified forensic document examiner Mike Wakshull will share his expertise and experience with the authentication of handwriting. He will use real life cases, like the Zodiac Killer and the Zahua v. Shacknai (resolving the death at the Speckles Mansion in Coronado), to illustrate how he uses tools like microscopes to make detailed examinations.

Topics covered will include:

  • Handwriting identification techniques
  • The 21 attributes of handwriting examined by forensic document


  • When are various tools used to examine handwritten documents?
  • What are generally accepted methods of examining handwritten documents?
  • What is the basis of handwriting comparison?
  • What is the difference between simulated writing and disguised writing?

About the Speaker:

Mike Wakshull is a court-qualified forensic document examiner located in Temecula, CA. He has been qualified as an expert witness in California Superior Courts and Federal District Court, testifying in cases involving will contests, contract disputes and others.

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