Halloween is one of the most popular days on the calendar. Every year, it inspires people to ever grander displays. Also, it has inspired a variety of local laws.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, restricts Halloween activity solely to children under 13 with adult supervision between the hours of 6pm and 8 pm. If Halloween is on Sunday, then the activity has to occur on Saturday. Belleville, Missouri, is another city that restricts trick-or-treating. Municipal Code 30-1-47 restricts it to students who are in eighth grade or below, and it can only be done between the hours of 5pm and 8:30pm.

Hollywood, California prohibits the spraying, selling, or even possessing in public of silly string on Halloween through noon on November 1.

Many cities and states have laws against wearing masks in public. The Code of Alabama, section 13A-14-4, makes it a misdemeanor to dress like a member of the clergy. Dublin, Georgia, prohibits the wearing of masks, hoods, or disguises unless you are under 16 on Halloween.