We are proud to announce we have added two new guides to our research and motion guides webpage, Marsden Motions and Motion for Return of Seized Property in California. What makes these guides so valuable is that they include fill-in-the-blank templates so that you can create your own motion. Also, the guides provide an overview of the motion, the procedures to follow, and library resources on each topic.

A Marsden motion is a motion made by a criminal defendant to fire his appointed public defender and acquire new representation because they are not providing adequate representation or there are irreconcilable differences.

The motion for return of seized property covers five different situations where your property has been seized. They include the following:

  • When criminal charges are still pending
  • After your case is complete
  • After charges have been dropped
  • When charges are never filed
  • When your property is seized during the arrest or search of someone else

Stay tuned for more new motion guides coming soon!