Go All-the-way Awesome in 2014 – Like These People!

By JohnnyZ on December 31, 2013//Leave a comment

1. Reframe: Use your mind to understand your situation differently and in a positive way, as an opportunity to learn and grow. 2. Reinvent: Take a familiar situation or experience and turn it into a new one. For example a job that has become routine – learn a new skill and transform it. 3. Repurpose: Take a familiar tool and use it for something completely different. Start a different kind of blog. Turn a magazine into wallpaper. Turn an apple into a self-contained pie shell (seen on Lifehacker.) 4. Reimagine: Be extraordinarily creative, forget the past and don’t accept limits, dream and do what you never dreamt possible. 5. Regenerate: Take time out to do things just for you, for fun, with no “productive” end. 

Thanks to Danielle Blumenthal for the inspiration.


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    To All Staff Members:

    Many thanks and happy new year to all staff members of law library staff. It is nice message for new year to all that given.

    Again best wishes for new year to all.


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