The FutureSHOCK Summit Meeting was a rousing success and I gotta say:  our legal assistance community is awesome! The takeaways from this first meeting for me: meeting everyone — some for the first time — made us a much stronger and more dynamic group; and the synergy and excitement of future collaboration was palpable and energizing!

Work that is being done:

1) all attendees agreed to send in their lists of legal assistance provider referrals to the Law Library, and we will compile, organize and collate the referrals into one gigantic referral list that we can all use with confidence, knowing that the information is updated and accurate;

2) an appellate self-help clinic is being developed by the SDCBA, the Law Library, the Court of Appeal, and Legal Aid;

3) the clinical law professors at TJSL, CWSL, and USD will be meeting with the Law Library to discuss ways they can provide pro bono services for SDLL patrons; and more!

johnny_z_rockin out

Johnny Z is rockin out!

Stay tuned for more information, updates, and the next meeting days and times as we bring our community into better alignment for the delivery of legal services/information/partnerships for the people of San Diego County.  Rock on!

Want to be part of this group?  Contact me: JohnnyZ!