Legal Futures Summit 2.0 is co-sponsored by SANDALL, our local chapter of law libraries in San Diego!

It will be held during the lunch hour on Monday February 24.  You must rsvp for this event to

We are excited to be partnering with SANDALL on Legal Futures Summit 2.0!  We will look at how we can best work together toward fulfilling the promise of finding legal work for our new and current lawyers while helping those in need. Many of today’s law school graduates are facing significant hardships in finding legal work, part of which involves economic downturn, the substitution of technology for people, and restructuring employment agreements for shorter terms and less pay. We need to put law grads to work in the profession they have trained for. They need practical experience, they need our help. WE CAN DO IT!

The Futures Summit brings our community into better alignment for the delivery of legal services/information/partnerships for the people of San Diego County.  SANDALL_logo

Want to be part of this group?  Write me!