“Keep a line of communication open. . . . A presentation to a subcommittee should be a closing argument, not an opening argument.”
—Legislative Fiscal Staff

Fact: Our courts [or substitute “county law libraries” throughout, just to see how it sounds] are the final line of protection for individual rights, providing access to justice, protection from abuse of power, and affirming our civil rights.

Fact: Courts are overwhelmed with record caseloads creating long delays and backlogs.

Fact: If we don’t act now to strengthen our courts, it will cost taxpayers millions of dollars and put basic Constitutional protections at risk.

Fact: The majority of legislators have little contact with the courts, and lack any real knowledge of the court. Budget decisions are made by 4-5 people in the legislative budget community — get to know and love them.

Moral:  Make friends with powerful people.  Make friends with those who can help you.  Do the kind of due diligence (within ethical guidelines, of course) that may pay-off in better court and law library funding in the future.  Let’s face it:  who you know does make a difference.