Tip #67: Get humble and acknowledge we need help.

Being part of the legal community, the Law Library knows that the Courts are hurting for money — and now that staff have been let go in record numbers, the Courts are even more overwhelmed with long delays and backlogs. Judge Trentacosta told us all at the Witkin Dinner that if we don’t act now to regain some revenue for our courts, we are witnessing the dismantling of the Third Branch of Government as we know it.

But when the Joe and Jane on the street learn that our courts are overwhelmed, they usually blame problems with how the justice system is run. For example, when they hear about court delays, many are quick to blame the legal maneuvering of “shifty” lawyers. To credibly make the case for more resources, the Courts must reach out to the public to convince them they are a good investment of taxpayer dollars. We have had to do the same at the Law Library. Facts and examples are critical to dealing with public skepticism. So beyond the news articles and official reports that “there is no more fat to cut,” we have to provide factually supported details of how court users are suffering. Unfortunately, that takes time.

I have an idea that is as radical as it is simple; as far-out as it is quaintly American.  If you want to know what it is, you have to contact me.  This secret weapon will revolutionize the way the public views the court and its jurists.  Curious?  Contact me.