Do you have questions about your constitutional right to free speech? What speech can be regulated and when? What is “protected speech?” Learn what is actually covered by the law from local lawyer Carla DiMare on Monday, October 8, at 1 pm at the San Marcos Branch of the San Diego County Library. The class will highlight current examples of freedom of speech in the news.

This free event is presented in partnership with the San Diego County Library San Marcos branch as part of the One Book One San Diego series. For event registration, please visit the San Marcos Library’s calendar page.

About the Speaker:

Carla DiMare is a social justice lawyer whose work in state and federal courts has helped many individuals and businesses. She has handled a variety of cases involving civil rights violations, employment disputes, Title IX school or university sexual assaults, personal injury, the Military and State Secrets Privilege, the First Amendment (including privacy violations and defamation), whistle blower claims, cult abuse, sexual assault, elder abuse, trade name infringement, police misconduct (defense only), and more. Her articles have been published in The Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Daily Journal and more. For more information please go to