Date: Monday, December 10, 2018

Time: 12-1 p.m.

Location: Downtown San Diego

No MCLE credit available

Register: online

You’ve just passed the Bar – Congratulations! Do you have the right legal position lined up? You’re about to complete your paralegal certificate – You Did It! What does the job market look like? According to the news, the job market is going well, but getting your foot in the door or changing careers presents challenges.

Join us for this FREE class to learn about the current trends in legal jobs and get tips for job hunting in the legal field. This class is especially helpful for new attorneys, as well as seasoned lawyers, paralegals, and law students.

Scheduled speakers include:

  • Rana Aryan, Assistant Director, Advising and Programs, University of San Diego School of Law
  • Kristine Custodio, A.C.P., San Diego Paralegal Association
  • Kate Hewitt, Recruiting Manager, Robert Half Legal