FREE Civil Appellate Self-Help Workshop Tonight

By Kelly on July 13, 2017//Leave a comment

It can feel overwhelming to try to appeal the decision from your civil case. The Civil Appellate Self-Help Workshop can help you find your way. Our next workshop is tonight, July 18, at the Law Library’s downtown location  from 4-6 p.m. This workshop helps individuals navigate the appeals process, comply with court rules and procedures, and learn about useful sources of information.  Call (619) 471-2781 to register.


The Civil Appellate Self-Help Workshop is a joint project between the California Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, Division One; Legal Aid Society of San Diego; the San Diego County Bar Association’s Appellate Court Committee; and the Law Library.

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    This notice says it will be at the downtown location of the law library. When I go there I was told it was at the San Diego Public Library. Wasted trip. I was also told it was online streaming. All I could find on your website were the power point slides that I assume went with the seminar. Someone isn’t communicating well, or I am not listening well. Which is it?

    • Stephanie

      Hi Peter, As it turns out, we had two events that day, both starting around the same time. One at the Law Library, off of Front Street, and one at the San Diego Public Library, off of Park. I think this definitely led to the communication issues. The Civil Appellate Workshop WAS at the downtown Law Library (1105 Front Street), and started at 4 pm. We hold the Civil Appellate Workshop on the third Tuesday of the month. The article is correct. You are also correct – the power point slides go with the workshop. Our Annual Law & Comics event was held at the San Diego Public Library, off of Park. Law & Comics is generally held the Tuesday before Comic-Con. This year it started at 4:30 pm. We created a Live Stream of the Law & Comics event and posted this on our Facebook page. If nothing else, I hope this clears up some of the confusion.

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