Date: Thursday, March 22, 2018

Time: 12-1 p.m.

Location: Downtown San Diego

MCLE: 1 hour general participatory credit.

Register: online

Cost: $25

About this Class:

Fraudulent Real Estate Documents is a one-hour MCLE presentation covering how to detect fraudulent documents in real estate. People have used many different techniques to fraudulently acquire real estate. The class will describe some of the techniques of altering documents or applying another person’s signature to a document. It is drawn from case studies from Southern California court cases and arbitration hearings.

The presentation topics include:

  • Filing of a fraudulent deed of trust
  • An attempt to disguise the signature on a real estate sales contract
  • Signatures applied to a contract using cut and paste techniques
  • An attempt to present a lease signed by the decedent
  • An attempt to forge a real estate listing agreement with the buyer’s signature
  • And how statistical techniques demonstrated that a person signed a real estate contract that he claimed he did not sign.

The class will describe the techniques used to discover the frauds.

After attending the seminar, you will know what to look for when a prospective client claims that real estate documents have been fraudulently created.

Our speaker, Mike Wakshull, has a short video explaining the importance and prevalence of real estate document fraud.

About the Speaker:

Mr. Wakshull is a court-qualified forensic document examiner. He has testified as an expert witness in California Superior Courts and Federal District Court. He has discovered a wide range of fraudulent documents. These include an altered deed, cut‐and‐paste signatures, altered mortgage documents or handwritten documents, and even electronic documents.