When I forgot how to walk

By JohnnyZ on May 09, 2014//Leave a comment

You know those nature shows where the newborn gazelle falls to the ground, helpless and flailing, but then gradually starts getting her legs under her so that she can stand in a wobbly way and then begin to walk?  Walk with that stiff, badly timed procession of one hoof to the next?


That was me today. I felt like I had four hooves.


I went for a walk.  Simple sounding.  But my feet didn’t feel the pavement in the ordinary way, my stride was off. Everything that I could remember about walking had disappeared. I was off-kilter.


Now, being off-kilter lets you see things in a different way.  You can see past the end of your nose, for instance.


And this time I saw a miracle. It was called b-a-l-a-n-c-e.


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