MCLE Crunch Time is past the half-way mark. There are two classes in the second week of January. At our Downtown location, we have a class on how to hire a forensic expert while our Vista location is hosting a Ethics-qualifying class on social media use. Each 1 hour class is $25, but library members can save $5 per class. Check out our calendar for class details and registration information. Sign up today!

  • January 9 – How to Hire a Forensic Expert – Have you or your attorney retained an expert witness who sounded great, but then turned into a disaster? This seminar introduces the methods for interviewing a prospective document examiner, or other prospective expert witness. You will learn how to properly vet your prospective expert.
  • January 11  – Ethics Rules for Social Media (ETHICS) – Learn the ethical rules involved in using social media. The class will cover attorney advising, advising clients about the content of the social media posts, marketing and personal use by attorneys, and the use of social media in providing legal services. This is a DVD presentation, but it qualifies as participatory.

California attorneys who wish to maintain their eligibility to practice law have to complete 25 hours of approved MCLE credits every three years.  The deadline for attorneys whose last names start with a letter from H through M to complete those 25 hours is February 1, 2018. At least 12.5 hours have to be participatory and the remaining half can be self-study.