Mock SlideThere is a new app out there that JohnnyZ wants to have!

Techcrunch says: Up to 50 percent of parking tickets are dismissed when fought in court, but it takes knowledge and time to do it.  Now there is a new app called Fixed that will do it for you.

Here’s how it works: You give the app details about your parking ticket and send photos of your car and the app finds one of its parking experts to fight the ticket so you don’t have to. If your advocate wins, you pay 25 percent of the cost of your ticket to Fixed. If the advocate loses, you pay nothing except the ticket, of course.

Makes me think:  we could have the same sort of service with (for example) our research guides – click the “IWANNACHANGEMYNAME” app and you will be given a set of guidelines and rules, also hooking you up to a research librarian who can walk you through the process.

How can this type of app be usable for the law library?  There are lots of possibilities that I can see! Something to noodle on…