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By Benita on January 22, 2014//Leave a comment

A cool new traffic ticket app is currently in beta trial, in San Francisco. The app Fixed helps you fight your parking ticket. Sign up for Fixed; enter your credit card information, then take a photo of your ticket with Fixed and type in the violation number. Fixed will contest the ticket on your behalf. If the ticket gets dismissed, you pay Fixed 25% of what the ticket would have cost. If Fixed loses the case you just pay the parking ticket; you pay Fixed nothing.


Now when will they create an app like that covering San Diego?


For more information, click here.

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  1. RJ Gardner

    Jan. 28th, 2014

    All this sounds very nice, although for most of us, fighting a parking ticket, or any other ticket or other punitive executive bureaucratic, “administrative law” matter in court also means a half or more of a day’s pay lost, which usually is more then the parking ticket’s demand. The Gov’t knows: “it is cheaper to be a loser than to fight anything like this.”

    Probably a very slim percentage of parking tickets are actually wrongly issued. Too bad for us! Although, Fixed’s hints on what to look for can prompt an alert person to watch for it, anyone with a brain in their head can find on-site details indicating a wrongful citation when they see it, assuming they have one and recognize the value of what they see. Most people Do Not know how to find those essential legal details, nor what to do with it when found, as they could when going to the S.D. Public Law Library, for example. (They could ask for help).

    So this idea of letting others do what oneself cannot do makes sense for the less-equipped. That’s why those minor gods made themselves into lawyers. But even lawyers make parking tickets cheaper to pay and then get on with life. (Is this a conspiracy, or ?).

    But the key “protection talk” words of the business founders as in the article are: “erroneously issued” and “you think was unfairly issued.” Most all parking tickets have some kind of “cause” attaching to them. Meter tickets especially. All mine did, and consumed far too many frustrated hours protesting to non-responsive heads with neither eyes nor ears. (I remember more than one “warning notice” received in the mail, computer-printout signed by some intimidating name suggesting one’s conduct: “B.Small”).

    This Fixed program also requires personal financial details revealed up-front, and needs more on-site and local law details than a S.F. biz could know in a S.D. situation. Taking local scene photos as evidence, usually after contacting Fixed and then returning to that site and sending these to them, would be too late: the relentless paper-masche wheels of bureaucracy grind on nonetheless, at an ever-increasing cost in a defendant’s delays. A “waiting list” at Fixed to be helped isn’t so bad, if time is in your favor. With parking tickets, it never is. The Gov’t want your money now.

    Notice also, how the journalist ultimately condemns this way of fighting parking tickets, by coming right out and suggesting how a city gov’t could do it. Whose side is he on, anyway?

    Thanks for reading my Comment. What’s yours?

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