The Law Library is proud to announce its first guest for Law & Comics 2015: Stu Rees. This is Stu’s fifth appearance at Law & Comics. Stu is a local entertainment lawyer who represents mostly visual arts creators. Notably, Stu represents more than 100 cartoonists in their negotiations with major newspaper comic strip syndicates, and more than 400 cartoonists and writers in a mix of online, greeting card, book licensing and smaller syndication deals. He is the only lawyer specializing in syndication contracts.

Stu and his wife, Maddy Dodson, also an attorney, draw and write their own law cartoons, Stu’s Views, They have been published in several hundred print and electronic forums throughout the world.

Law & Comics 2015 will be Tuesday, July 7th, at noon at our Downtown location. Stay tuned for ticket availability and more guest announcements.