Family Law – COVID-19 Issues

Last updated October 9, 2020

Below are selected websites from reliable sources, vetted by our Law Librarians. This is not an exhaustive list of information available on this topic, but a starting point to provide you with basic information during this pandemic.


In an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19, many states, including California, have issued mandatory stay-at-home or shelter in place orders. Complying with such orders has triggered many family law issues revolving around divorce,  child custody and visitation.  Here we have gathered information on these issues.


Legal Clinics

Custody & Visitation

Questions about Child & Spousal Support


Check out the video below from San Diego Law Library’s YouTube channel which covers family law issues related to COVID-19:



Court Services Available



In response to COVID-19, the San Diego Superior Court is conducting virtual family law hearings.  Information on virtual family law hearing can be found here.


Update 10/2/2020: Please see the San Diego Superior Court’s webpage Family Law section for information on current status of Family Court court hours and operations. For all other case types, see the Court’s website home page.


Legal Clinics


Legal Aid Society is providing legal assistance by phone. Check their website for more information:


San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program, Inc. is providing family law legal assistance by phone. Please check their website for instructions:

Custody and Visitation

Many people have questions about complying with custody and visitation orders while under stay-at-home / shelter in place orders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NOLO-How to Handle Child Custody and Visitation During COVID-19 Outbreak


A short video on Custody and Visitation during the COVID-19 pandemic presented by the California Lawyers Association:

Questions About Child and Spousal Support

Currently, courts are not hearing other that emergency hearings. Check you court’s website for updates on when it will re-open to the public. The California Lawyers Association has prepared a short video on general information about Child Support and Spousal Support during the COVID-19 pandemic:





San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program, Inc. is providing guardianship legal assistance by phone.  Please call 619-235-5656 Ext. 111 for assistance.