As you know, the Law Library is going through some tough economic times.  For example, our budget for part-time help has been exhausted and we have only one librarian at our North County location. Because of this, we are making a reduction in our North County branch hours and will be opening at 11 am, and still closing at 4 pm, Monday through Thursday.  Friday will still be 9 am to 1 pm.

If we can make this temporary (based on our monthly revenues), then we will definitely look at opening earlier of we can. We made this choice after assessing library usage, and the morning hours definitely had fewer users. Thanks for your understanding.

The exciting news: the County is replacing our dilapidated North County trailer with a new structure! (This is the area of the Library that staff uses, and that used to house conference rooms for classes and other functions). Once replaced and furnished, we will be able to resume MCLE classes, legal clinics, conference room rentals, mediations and arbitrations, and more.

Yet there are a couple of challenges.

Although the County is paying for the physical construction of the building, it is not paying for furnishings. That’s up to us, the Library. We don’t have money for new furniture or IT, yet we still need to create a functional space to provide services. Thus, we are asking for donations to furnish the new building. We hope you can help in any amount you can afford.

We are committed to having a vibrant and relevant presence in North County. We need help. Whether it is a donation to the furniture fund, general operations fund, or a commitment to volunteer your time, we need you to help make this happen. We hope you will continue to support us through this journey and help us determine the future of our North County services.