This year, Law Day asks us to consider the ideal of equality under the law and what remains to rectify injustice. The Law Library can play a great part in addressing these issues.  We provide everyone with access to legal materials and resources to help them understand their rights and how to defend them.  We have excellent books on civil rights and constitutional rights. But, injustice under the law extends to daily activities and the library has the books to assist you in asserting your rights in contract cases, landlord-tenant situations, and more.

In addition to physical books, our users can access a number of legal databases for free, just by coming to one of our branches. Users can access Lexis and WestlawNext to research case law from all fifty states and the Federal courts.  Beyond those databases, we offer access to specialty databases such as CEB OnLaw, with its in-depth treatment of California law, and Hein Online, where users can find hundreds of law journals and can research our nation’s legislative history.

Lastly, our four locations are staffed by experienced professionals who can help you find the resources that will help you learn more about how to understand, defend, protect, and assert your rights.