A Well-Dressed Man

By Benita on January 22, 2014//Leave a comment

Do you know the finer nuances of dressing well? Such as thin lapels are more modern than wide lapels or that a tie should be darker than your dress shirt?


If these details intrigue you as it does us, then you will enjoy the 27 Unspoken Suit Rules Every Man Should Know. This is a fascinating article for everyone who follows fashion trends, and provides valuable advice on how to look savvy and smart.




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  1. RJ Gardner

    Jan. 28th

    I have spent the greater part of my life avoiding occupations which required my wearing a suit & tie, unless absolutely necessary. Dressing Down sometimes offers a lot more public privacy than a flashy appearance. Besides, the best reason any business would require an employee to wear a tie is that he brings his own rope.
    ha ha.

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