If you have a specific citation and would like us to send you a document, we have a fee-based document-delivery service available. To request an article, case, or other specific legal document, please fill out a document delivery form. Most requests can be fulfilled within 2 business days.


  • An exact citation; staff will not conduct research.
  • Requests must be paid in advance using cash, check or credit card.

Submit the Document Delivery Form:

We will discuss the charges with you and take payment prior to completing the document delivery.

24-hour rush (optional)
Paper: pickup
$15 / document up to 20 pages;
$1.25 / each page over 21 pages
Plus cost of postage if mailing

$15 / document up to 20 pages(for book / microfilm / electronic);

$1.25 / page over 21 pages
(for book / microfilm copies; no additional charge applied for electronic documents)