Disposal / Donation of Law Books

Do you have a collection of law books you no longer need?Books donation box
Are you looking to downsize your collection but would rather not toss them out?

Read on to see how you can use, sell, or recycle your old Law Books!


  • Call the Law Library at 619-685-6577. We accept donations to replace worn volumes, replace binders, or fill in gaps in our collection. Send a picture or inventory of your collection to and we can let you know if we are interested in any of the items you have. We can also offer small collections on our used book sale shelf if you wish to donate them.
  • Talk to new lawyers, they may want books for starting their practice.
  • Post a message on Facebook or the Social Media pages of local legal associations such as San Diego Paralegal Association, UC San Diego Extension Legal Education, local bar associations, etc.
  • Offer the books to local jails and prisons.
  • Call used bookstores to see if they accept law books.
  • Think of local theater groups, movie production companies, etc. that might use law books on their sets or as props.
  • Repurpose the law books into art projects yourself or check with local college art departments to see if they would like to take them in for a project. For ideas check out Pinterest at:


Websites and Locations to Donate your Law Books

BARNONE (Please be aware that law books are not always accepted at these institutions)Close up f male hands holding opened book with recycle sign
*Program that provides books for inmates


EDCO (Must remove hardcover before recycling)
*EDCO provides a blue bin for your recycling needs FREE of charge for your home
6670 Federal Blvd. Lemon Grove, CA 91945
(619) 287-7555


Freecycle San Diego (Must have a yahoo account to join)


3663 Rosecrans St. San Diego, CA 92110-3226


Law Book Exchange (antiquarian, scholarly and current legal practice materials)
Directory of prop studios that accept books for film and theatre productions or try also San Diego Theatre World at


Fun and Creative Ideas for Law Books


ALSO try: EBay or Craigslist where there are sections for posting and selling used law books


Credit for this listing should go to: How to Dispose of Used Law Books created by the Washington County (OR) Law Library in 2013. See