About Program:

Do you have a dispute with the IRS? Did you receive an IRS audit? Come to this 1 hour seminar that will cover how to resolve tax disputes with the IRS. Topics include how to appeal an IRS audit, Offers in Compromise and how to apply for the earned income credits and much more.

Students enrolled in the University of San Diego’s federal tax clinic program advocate on behalf of low-income taxpayers who have on-going disputes with the Internal Revenue Service. During the semester, the student will conduct client interviews, identify the federal tax issue(s) in dispute, determine the best course of action to resolve those tax issues, review client tax documentation, conduct federal tax research, review the Internal Revenue Code, contact IRS personnel and represent our clients in negotiations with the IRS – all under the supervision of Tax Clinic Director Richard Carpenter.

About Speaker:

This free program is presented by the University of San Diego’s federal tax clinic program.

Date: Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time: 12-1 pm

Location: Vista Location

Cost: Free

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About Cancellation:

To cancel your registration, please call (760) 940-4386.