dead leader1

At this week’s International Legal Tech Association Meeting, the ubiquitous and lovely Monica Bay writes about keynoter Scott Klososky extolling the importance of recognizing the power of technology to disrupt — and bankrupt — traditional business models. Scott has an “obituary list of former business giants, including Kodak, Polaroid, and Borders, that failed to grasp the ramifications of the launch of Amazon’s Kindle reader and Apple Inc.’s iPhones with cameras.”

“Dead leaders walking” told themselves that they were fine, they were still making money — until they were not,” Klososky said, adding that to avoid extinction, the legal industry must master and use all available technology and act quickly and decisively to implement it. No playing around with this guy!

“Leaders get stuck in what they have invested in, and cannot move forward,” Klososky said.

Here at the Law Library we are great believers in this concept – that the practice of law, the teaching of law, and the way our justice system works – all need to understand that technology is the revolutionizer and the equalizer when it comes to bringing access to justice to all people in our big human food chain.  It is a make or break proposition, a do or die [Die, Zombie, Die!] kind of thing.

TOMORROW: THE GAME PLAN — we no longer just install technology, we connect things that have never been connected before.