CONTINUED from legal journalist and Yankee fanatic Monica Bay‘s excellent summary of the ILTA conference keynote by Scott Klososky. Scott’s six-step model to achieve technology competence:

1. Establish three to five technology guideposts that set you apart from competitors.

2. Create an adaptive culture, where the team is encouraged to be catalysts of change.

3. Create technology teams  with a mission  of mandatory excellence.

4. Focus on processes that will “make successes repeatable.”

5. Measurements and analytics must be used to track “how good are we?” Have a “grade card” to track progress.

6. Use your high beams. There are “high beam” and “low beam” leaders. Firms where leaders are looking “10 years ahead” — using their high beams — will be best positioned to excel in providing new services and delivery options, and that’s how you’ll find new clients.

Technology mastery will be a differentiator, he said.  Here at the Law Library we are doing our best to follow these six steps as best we can.  We believe that technology mastery is a worthy goal, and the Law Library is challenging itself to become the technology provider/educator/trainer hub for the San Diego County legal community.  It’s all part of the 10 year plan.