Dead Leader Walking: Eating that mystery meat with wallets [End of Series]

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CONTINUED from legal journalist and Yankee fanatic Monica Bay‘s excellent summary of the ILTA conference keynote by Scott Klososky.


Mon sums it all up:


Effective use of “humology” in a legal practice is mindboggling — everything from new ways to attract and serve clients, do the work more efficiently and effectively, and get paid. For marketing purposes, apps, web pages, and social technology can drive traffic to the right places to reach the right potential clients. Nuanced information can help lawyers make more substantive personal connections with clients, and deliver better services. Using both human and technology tools helps deliver the most efficient yet nuanced work for your clients. Analytics can help lawyers establish appropriate rates, offer personalized services, be more transparent, and combat the common complaint that clients feel they are “meat with wallets.”


REACTION, as reported by the Brilliant M. Bay:

Reaction to the keynote was enthusiastic. Said Donna Payne, CEO of Seattle-based PayneGroup Inc: “Everything in this keynote is directly applicable to every person in this room. The failure or success of your organization depends on the factors he discussed.”

Said Tommy Williams, senior director, software solutions, at Thomson Reuters, “This applies for both Thomson Reuters and my personal life as well.”

Said Doug Caddell, CIO of kCura, “If you haven’t already been doing this you are two years behind.”

Monica Bay is the editor-in-chief of Law Technology News and a member of the California bar. Email: Twitter: @lawtechnews.

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