Lee Rosen, a family law practitioner from North Carolina, shares his law firm’s top 10 customer service tips in Part 1 and Part 2  A successful practice that led to the Rosen Law Firm receiving the customer service award from their local Chamber of Commerce.

We think these are great standards to adopt in any industry that serves customers and are a great way to build relationships and ensure that you have a successful business!

The top 10 customer service tips are:

10. Return every client call in less than two hours.
9. Copy clients on all mail, faxes, and e-mail.
8. Survey every client regularly.
7. Develop a culture focused on and obsessed with customer service.
6. Make yourself and your lawyers as accessible as possible.
5. Commit to learn and practice in emerging areas of practice.
4. Link client satisfaction to compensation at every level, from the receptionist to the managing partner.
3. Treat clients with respect from the moment they arrive at the office.
2. Offer training on customer service to lawyers and staff members.
1. Touch base with clients frequently just to make sure they are satisfied.