The MCLE deadline is just around the corner, but we still have plenty of classes for you to chose from! Here is a preview of our classes for the third week of January.

Each 1 hour class is $25, but there are two programs that can make them even more economical. Check out our Unlimited MCLE pass or our Discount pass to get more MCLE for less money. Keep reading your newsletter or checking the library’s calendar for new classes. All classes are Downtown and start at noon.

  • January 14, Tuesday – Employment Law Update – We will focus on hot topics and recent changes in labor and employment law. Topics that will be discussed include new legislation passed in 2019, wage and hour update, and more.
  • January 15, Wednesday – Move-Away Orders in Family Law – This session will review the law related to move-away orders, which are required when parents are separated or divorced and one parent wishes to relocate with the child. Topics will include: determining the proper standard to apply; Montenegro orders and analysis; best interest analysis; and La Musga factors.
  • January 16, Thursday – Federal Indian Law – This class will review the basics of federal Indian law and topics include tribal sovereignty, criminal and civil jurisdiction, tribal sovereign immunity, the Indian Child Welfare Act, gaming, and land use and environmental regulation.
  • January 17, Friday –  Will Bias Cost Your Next Case (ELIMINATION OF BIAS) – Bias in the courtroom is a prevalent problem. The ability to recognize your biases, the biases of your opponent, and expert witness bias, can save or lose your case. This presentation introduces the six forms of courtroom biases identified in Black’s Law Dictionary, plus expert witness bias.

Additionally, we have dozens of self-study MCLE audio recordings. You can listen at the library or can check them if you join our borrowing program.