A few weeks ago we posted the following legal reference question:

Q: What is the charge for driving while using a cell phone?

Using a handheld wireless device to talk on the phone while driving is prohibited under Vehicle Code §23123. The base fine, if a person is convicted, can be found online in the Bail Schedule for San Diego County. The Bail Schedule lists the fines for misdemeanors and infractions under the California code and the municipal codes in San Diego County. It also explains the penalty assessments that may apply for certain violations which may be added on top of the base fine.

In the answer above we only gave you the base fine amount in the bail schedule. However, we also want to clarify that there are other charges included on top of the base fine. The other charges are as follows:

Total fines for violation of Vehicle Code §23123 is: $162

$20 – Base bail (for 1st offense)
$62 – Penalty Assessment and Surcharge
$40 – Court Operations Assessment (Penal Code §1465.8)
$35 – Criminal Conviction Assessment (Government Code §70373)
$4 – Emergency Medical Air Trans. Penalty (Government Code §76000.10(c)(1))
$1 – Night Court Assessment  (Vehicle Code §42006)

Total = $162

More details are provided in local court form SDSC ADM-295: How the Amount Due is Calculated in Citations.