Contract Claims – COVID-19 Issues

Last updated March 26, 2020

COVID-19 and Contracts: Force Majeure and Other Issues

Contractual Considerations

This article provides considerations on Force Majeure along with other contractual key terms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Daily Local News on Contractual Considerations

This article provides a brief synopsis on how COVID-19 is affecting contractual considerations such as Force Majeure.

Assessing Force Majeure & Other Considerations

Although specific to New York, this article provides insightful consideration on assessing COVID-19 Force Majeure claims along with considerations for affected businesses.

Force Majeure (Varied Jurisdictions & Industries; Practical Guidance)

K&L Gates’ insightful article provides contractual information from a legal standpoint, frequently asked questions on contractual definitions and concerns, potential impact on different industries, and drafting tips.