We are excited to announce our new San Diego Law Library Foundation Board of Trustees for 2020! Our new Board members are:

  • Vice-President: Lisa Roper, Esq., Henderson, Caverly, Pum, & Trytten, LLP

The San Diego Law Library Foundation is a charitable trust affiliated with the San Diego Law Library, and their sole mission is to assist the San Diego Law Library in our journey to provide access to justice for the people of San Diego County.

Originally created in 1961, the Foundation is able to accept donations of money and materials to support the mission of the Law Library. Many books and considerable equipment have been provided to us over the years.  The Foundation has expended over fifty special purpose funds, mostly for books in special subject areas. It has sponsored the publication of several books, mostly on the history of the local bar, and has administered grants for charitable purposes. And, each year the Foundation hosts the annual Witkin Award Dinner, which celebrates members of the legal community and their good works, and is the primary fundraiser for the law library.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees serve without compensation, and are joined by our Director, who serves as a non-voting Secretary, and our Financial Administrator, who serves as a non-voting Assistant Financial Officer. We are grateful to these individuals for volunteering their time to keep the Foundation running.