Attorneys, nurses, teachers, law enforcement personnel, and concerned community members gathered last Saturday April 26 at the San Diego Law Library for a sold out Human Trafficking event sponsored by Lawyers Club of San Diego, Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition, and the San Diego Law Library.

Judge Carolyn Caietti, the event moderator, presented a talented panel of speakers, who are working to combat human trafficking:

Wendy Patrick, Deputy District Attorney, Sex Crimes and Human Trafficking Division;

Summer Stephan, Chief Deputy District Attorney, San Diego District Attorney’s Office;

Mary Ellen Barrett, Deputy District Attorney, San Diego District Attorney’s Office;

Marian Gaston, Public Defender, San Diego Public Defender’s Office;

Carmen Chavez, Executive Director, Casa Cornelia Law Center;

Alessandra Serano, Assistant U.S. Attorney, U.S. Attorney’s Office; and

Marisa Ugarte, Executive Director, Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition. 

Attendees learned how victims are recruited, about state and federal laws, about victim rights at both state and federal levels, and tools used by law enforcement to build cases against traffickers. Panelists also covered what is being done to address immigration issues in labor trafficking and what non-profit organizations are doing to rescue and support survivors of human trafficking.  

If you know, or suspect, someone is being trafficked, call the National Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888.