Chicken wire, rebar & books

By JohnnyZ on October 28, 2013//Leave a comment

The Law Library in downtown San Diego has a new project just inside its Front Street windows.  It involves coated chicken wire, rebar, and books.  It is a structure, and it is being built with YOUR contributations!




If you haven’t been downtown and seen it for yourself, then send me your guesses — just respond to this post.  The first three correct answers win glory, fame and a prize!  This is on the honor system, so please do not play if you have already seen it.  Of course, if you have seen it and you are still dumbfounded, then go ahead and guess!


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  1. Brooke Noack

    A statue of the amazing John Adkins!

    If my guess is incorrect, then please consider it a suggestion of what the structure should be.

    Thank you.

    • JohnnyZ

      In-ter-est-ing indeed. Once again, just one more clever thought from our readers that never crossed my mind! We consider all suggestions here in Johnny Zeroland. I can see it now — ten times bigger than real life, looking out into the horizon with a vision of hope, holding a book in one hand, an iPad in the other…! Cool!

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