MCLE Crunch Time is starting off with a bang! We have nine MCLE classes scheduled, including an Ethics, Competence, and Bias credits and two FREE classes! Check out the list below, and register now! These classes are in high demand and fill up fast. All classes take place from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, except for Speedwriting on Dec. 7 and Writing for the Trial Courts Dec. 14, which will be held from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm.


  • Wed., Dec. 1st: Legal Ethics, Off the Clock:  Professional Ethics on Personal Time (Ethics Credit): Most ethics CLE classes discuss the ethical rules that apply during work hours. Speaker Wendy L. Patrick of the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office will focus on the rules, statutes, case law, principles, and guidelines that govern a lawyer’s actions, conduct, and speech, during personal time. This class will provide real world examples to illustrate each subsection of Professional Rule of Conduct 8.4 to show how off the clock behavior can have one the job consequences.


  • Thurs., Dec. 2nd: Trellis 101: California State Research & Judge Analytics (General Credit): Learn about the newest legal databases available at the library that provides access to state court documents and judicial analytics. Speaker Nicole Clark, Trellis CEO and business litigation and labor and employment attorney, will discuss how she developed a legal analytics platform that uses AI and machine learning to provide litigators with strategic legal intelligence and judicial analytics.


  • Fri., Dec. 3rd: Hidden Gems of the San Diego Library II (FREE General Credit): To celebrate our 100th webinar, we are hosting this FREE class to provide insight into some of the most valuable, but often overlooked, legal resources at the law library. Your friendly neighborhood law librarians will clue you in to our favorite print materials, databases, guides, and websites to help you with your legal research. And, don’t worry, this won’t duplicate any of the resources discussed in the first Hidden Gems webinar broadcast in August of 2021.


  • Mon., Dec. 6th: Avoiding Burnout (Competence Credit): Let’s face it, the panademic-era world has been exceptionally stressful. And, physical and mental exhaustion takes it toll on even the best of us. Join us for an important discussion about the problem of burnout in the legal profession, how it can interfere with the ability to practice law, and what to do about it. Speaker Rebecca Zip, Chief Deputy City Attorney for the Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes Division, will discuss how to prevent and detect burnout and well as how to manage stress.


  • Mon., Dec. 13th: Disability Law Update (General Credit): Jan Garrett from the Pacific ADA Center is back again to provide training and informal technical guidance on the American with Disabilities Act. In this presentation, she will be reviewing important recent decisions under all Titles of the ADA and focus on cases that discuss website accessibility. Jan Garrett, Esq. is the Program Manager of the Pacific ADA Center, which is a member of the ADA National Network, and organization that provides information, guidance, and training about the ADA to businesses, state and local governments, and communities.  Garrett’s previous CLE webinar from Sept., 2020 is available for self-study credit on our YouTube Page.


  • Thurs., Dec. 16th: Asylum Law at the Southern Border (FREE General Credit): Every year at the law library we pick a legal topic that is pertinent to the San Diego legal community and this year our topic of the year is Border Law and provide FREE CLE webinars on the topic. In this presentation speaker Margaret Cargioli, Managing Attorney of the Cross-Border Initiative (CBI) program at Immigrant Defenders Law Center, will discuss the Biden administration’s use of Title 42, the restart of the Migrant Protection Protocols, and expedited removal which are among the policies affecting families and individuals attempting to seek asylum in the U.S. along its southern border.


  • Tues., Jan. 4th: Managing Implicit Bias in the Workplace (Bias Credit): Despite progress, implicit bias in our legal system and workplaces persists. In this presentation speaker Ray English will provide insight and specific guidance on how to turn the table on difficult conversations, resulting in a better understanding of how to manage implicit bias in the practice of law and the workplace. English is an Assistant Dean and Professor of Practice at Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.


We will be adding more classes for January soon, so keep checking for more announcements! Our online MCLE classes are only $10 each, but if you purchase our MCLE Class Package for $75, you will be able to attend as many MCLEs as you want from the date you sign up through the end of 2022! In addition to unlimited MCLE classes like these, you will also have access to online databases like Trellis, Gale California Legal Forms, HeinOnline, and the National Consumer Law Database.

Our webinars are just one of the many resources that we have made available to help you with your legal education during the COVID-19 crisis. Check out our ClassesLegal Databases, and COVID-19 Legal Issues pages for more information! If you have any questions about our webinars or accessing our legal databases, please contact us by email or telephone.