At the law library, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to find a case in San Diego Superior Court. If you have a case number or party name, then finding the case is super easy! Simply follow the steps below or view our how-to video tutorial:

Step 1: Go to the court’s website at

Step 2: Select “Access Court Records.”

Step 3: Select “Online Case Search.”

Step 4: Select “Party Name Search” or “Case Name Search.”

Step 5: Fill in the blank boxes and select “Submit.”

Some civil and probate cases filed on or after January 1, 2008 are available online.

If your case is not imaged for online viewing, then you will need to go in person to the courthouse where the case is located to view the court file or you may request a copy of the court file by mail. For further information, see the court’s website.