Did you take the California State Bar exam last week? Congratulations! Either you feel elated that the exam is over, or you may feel anxious waiting for your results. A good way to take your mind off the bar exam is to volunteer at the Law Library. Not only are you giving back to the community but you are also gaining invaluable, practical work experience.

The Law Library’s  volunteer program provides the perfect opportunity to build up your resume and obtain the skills every first year associate needs; excellent legal research skills. Working at the information desk, volunteers assist patrons in finding legal information, using either print or electronic resources. This task helps to hone legal research and issue spotting skills. More importantly, volunteering at the Law Library is a great networking opportunity since practicing attorneys use our facilities.  

One of our attorney volunteers, summarizes the benefits of volunteering at the Law Library: 

“Volunteering at SDLL is an invaluable experience for anyone interested in a legal career. As a volunteer at SDLL, you learn about a wide variety of legal resources and how to use them for legal research. You also have an opportunity to help patrons who are seeking legal information, including attorneys and people who are representing themselves in legal matters.  You can also work on projects such as creating LibGuides for the library website. These are practical experiences that can enhance your resume and make you more competitive for jobs in the legal profession.” Lisa F.

For more information contact our volunteer coordinator, Cheryl Weeks-Frey, at volunteer@sdlawlibrary.org