We are happy to reintroduce our book and material borrowing program: Pick-Up SDLL! We know that many of you prefer books to online resources and the library closure has been difficult for us all. So, although the law library locations are still closed to the public, we now have policies in place to ensure that we can safely lend out our materials once again.

Here’s how you Pick-Up SDLL:

  • Step 1: Check online to make sure that your borrowing account is up to date and your account balance is $10.00 or under. Check here to learn how to check your account and pay any overdue fines (you will need the account number found on the back of your San Diego Law Library card and your password – the default is the last six-digits of your account number).
    • If you can’t find your library card, or need help with your account, contact us!
  • Step 2: Before 2:00 pm on Tuesday contact the Law Library by email, telephone, or appointment and request the print or audio materials that you would like and which location of the library you would like to pick up from. Warning: Not all titles are available at both locations!
  • Step 3: Receive the confirmation email or phone call from the library by 4:00 pm on Tuesday.
  • Step 4: On Wednesday, between the hours of 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM, pick up your materials at the front door of the Law Library location with your materials. A library staff member will be there to hand you the bagged materials at the front door.
  • Step 5: Return your books by the due date in the book drop at the location where you picked up the materials.

Our first Pick-Up SDLL date will be Wednesday, September 9th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. So, you MUST have your request in by Tuesday, September 8th at 2:00 PM, and have received your confirmation from the law library by Tuesday, September 8th, at 4:00 PM. If you have any questions about the Pick-Up SDLL, please contact us by email, telephone, or appointment or attend our Questions & Answer with SDLL event on Zoom or Facebook Live.

Prior to your due date you will receive a reminder email. If you would like to extend your check out, you can log on to your account and renew your materials. Borrowers can renew their materials one or two times depending on their borrowing plan. If you do not return your materials by the due date, YOU WILL ACCRUE LATE FEES! For more detailed information about our COVID-19 circulation procedures, check our webpage Checking Out Materials During COVID-19.

If you need assistance with your account, Pick-Up SDLL, or getting set up with a Borrower Package, you can email, telephone, or use our new system to schedule a Borrower/Benefit appointment.

Pick-Up SDLL is just one of the many resources that we have made available to help you with your legal issues during the COVID-19 crisis. Check out our Resources from HomeClassesLegal Databases, and COVID-19 Legal Issues pages for more information! And, as always, you can still contact us via email or telephone with any questions or for more information or assistance! We look forward to seeing you soon!