Big Change To Membership Program

By Gina on December 15, 2016//Leave a comment

We are making a big change to the membership program this year. To make things simpler for our members we have stopped taking security deposits and will be returning all security deposits on file. You should have received a membership renewal letter from us explaining this change and providing the following options for your deposit currently on file:


  • Renew your membership by applying your deposit and donate the remaining deposit to the law library.
  • Renew your membership by applying your deposit and return the remaining deposit to you.
  • Cancel your membership and donate the deposit to the law library.
  • Cancel your membership and return the deposit to you.


If you are a member and did not receive a renewal notice, please stop by our Downtown or Vista location so we can print out your renewal notice, update your contact information, and have you make your selection for the 2017 membership year.

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