MCLE Crunch Time is almost over. The Law Library has two classes at our Downtown location during the week of January 22 to 25. The first class is on how bias can impact your case and the second describes the benefits of divorce mediation. Each 1 hour class is $25, but library members can save $5 per class. Check out our upcoming classes for class details and registration information. Sign up today!

  • January 23 Downtown – Will Bias Cost You Your Next Case (BIAS) – The ability to recognize your biases and the biases of your opponent can save or lose your case. The session will cover recognizing and countering bias, finding the effects of bias in examiner’s and experts’s reports, and making implicit biases work in your favor.
  • January 25 Downtown- Divorce Mediation -The class covers the mediation process from the inside out and how it benefits your clients and your practice. There is an overview of divorce mediation and a discussion of how it can lead to positive results for dividing property and deciding on support amounts.