Bar Exam is over! So, what’s your “plan”?

By JohnnyZ on August 01, 2013//Leave a comment

OK, there is no avoiding it now — your education is at an end, the bar exam is finito.   There is no way to get around that irksome conversation:  “So tell me about your plans...”


Let’s face it, if you knew what your plans were you wouldn’t even be talking to that person.  Heck, you probably wouldn’t even KNOW that person!


There was a time when most every law grad had a lifetime of job security all neatly wrapped and tied with a bow — a job waiting for them at a law firm, government post, or whatever.  Those times are gone.  Finding a job right out of school is a sticky proposition for most new lawyers.  Nobody wants to pay for your services while you are learning on the job.  Honest answers to “the plan” question are mostly sad, cynical or desperate. And it is hard to fake enthusiastic optimism when you are a facing an uncertain time with lots of debt.

So give them a break — don’t ask.

[With hat tip and complete attribution for the funny thoughts and not-so-funny truths from @NotanElle on Twitter, or on her own site at]


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