Our director of 11 years is retiring and we are seeking to clone him in the near future. We wish!

Being a humble type, when asked to name his accomplishments John spoke to us about community partnering and outreach as being the most important contributions that he made. “The importance of our close working relationships cannot be over-emphasized.  Working with our community partners was so successful and rewarding because of all the great people who care about the Law Library’s success. There was always a cheering section for our renovation, our new services, every event and program we hosted. We felt everyone’s energy, concern for our future, and support.”

Asked what other things John was most proud of, he again mentioned the extensive renovation of the downtown building; working through financial crises to keep the law library going; partnering with many others to spread the Law Library’s good name and deeds; building a strong and resilient staff devoted to public service; and showcasing our value with big and small events “that made people like us and respect us.”

With his departure, we seek someone to lead the Law Library into an immersive world of virtual information access and retrieval.  COVID19 has brought about more services online, and there is no going back.  We now have eBooks for loan, a virtual walk-up reference desk, and many other tech innovations.  While books will still be here, they will not adapt to the kinds of changes we are experiencing. We are learning to live without many things we never thought possible, including books, offices, and even desks!

When asked about all these changes, John said: “The corresponding remote technology will only get better and better, and I cannot wait to see what awaits the Law Library in the future!”

You can see the job posting for the Director of Libraries here.