Each year we give special focus to an area of law intrinsic to the fabric of San Diego County’s culture, history, and modern day life. For 2021, we are focusing on Border Law. The border with Mexico is a key piece of San Diego. The San Diego Tijuana border crossing was the busiest land border crossing in the Western Hemisphere before COVID-19. Over 77 million people crossed Northbound into the United States through San Diego in 2019. Also in 2019, Mexico became the largest trading partner of the United States. Additionally, Mexico is California’s largest foreign trade partner, over 67% higher than the next country – Canada.

We will have MCLE programs featuring experts in the field, articles on resources available at the library and in the community, and news on developments in this evolving area of the law. Our goal is to provide information and resources to the community on these important topics. All events and news will be announced via this newsletter and on our website. We hope you join us at one of our upcoming events.

Check out our updated Border Law guide! The guide features resources available on a variety of legal topics related to our international border. You can access federal and state information 24/7 from reliable non-profits and government agencies, and discover print resources available at our Downtown location.