Date: Monday, October 22, 2018

Time: 12-1 p.m.

Location: Downtown San Diego

MCLE: 1 hour General Participatory credit

Register: online

Cost: $25

About the class:

What can you do when you think your opponent is altering a document? Join us for an Introduction to the Examination of Altered Documents with expert Mike Wakshull.

This presentation offers an overview of different types of alterations encountered by document examiners and how alterations are detected. Forensic document examiners are used to determine whether a document has been altered. The person making the alteration believes they are clever enough to avoid detection, but they usually leave traces behind for the examiner to find.

This presentation offers an overview of the issues related to altered documents, including:

  •  Alteration of records such as mortgage documents, medical records, computer generated documents, and email
  •  Discovery of cut-and-paste signatures
  •  Examining signatures written on digital tablets
  •  Uncovering writing below a scribble-out
  •  Reading writing and typing that is below a sticker

About the speaker:

Mike Wakshull is a court-qualified forensic document examiner who has authored two books on the topic of forensic document examination.