The San Diego Law Library Foundation is organized as a charitable trust affiliated with the San Diego Law Library. The sole mission of the Foundation is to aid us in our efforts to provide access to justice through our many resources and programs. The Foundation is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization established for scientific and educational purposes by the IRS.

The Foundation was created in November of 1961, shortly after we moved into our present building at 1105 Front Street. The initial purpose was to create a mechanism by which the Law Library could more easily accept donations of money and materials in kind (books) and maintain the wishes of the donors. Although we as a public agency, can accept tax-deductible gifts, the commingling of such funds with public funds places many restrictions on its use. The Foundation can also maintain assets in a greater variety of investments than those allowed for public funds and can receive and sell securities and properties.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees serve without compensation and may number as many as eighteen, some of whom also serve as trustees for the Law Library.  Our Director serves as a non-voting Secretary, and our Financial Administrator serves as a non-voting Assistant Financial Officer.

The Foundation has contributed many books and considerable equipment to us over the years.  The Foundation has expended over fifty special purpose funds, mostly for books in special subject areas. It has sponsored the publication of several books, mostly on the history of the local bar, and has administered grants for charitable purposes.

2020 Witkin Award Virtual Reception