50% Discount on MCLE Tickets Ends Soon!

By Benita on October 17, 2014//Leave a comment

Less than two weeks remain to purchase MCLE tickets for a discount. Purchase any MCLE class offered in December, January and February and pay only $10 per one-hour MCLE credit. After November 1, the price increases to $20 per one-hour MCLE credit.


View our events calendar for the list of classes.

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  1. Stephen Sensenig Esq 153040

    I am a member. How do I sign up for the MCLE offer

    • Benita

      Hi Steven: Thank you for your question. Right now, any class that you register for is $10. All you need to do is visit our calendar page at:, select the class you want to attend and register online. When you register online, you will only be charged $10. If you register for a class on November 1 or afterwards, you will be charged $20. Feel free to contact us at 619-531-3900, if you need any further help. Thanks.

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