Over 20 MCLE Classes in January!

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We are excited to offer a variety of MCLE classes to help you get your MCLE participatory credits. Below is the schedule for classes coming up next. View our online calendar for a complete list of classes.



MCLE: Jan 6: 12-1 p.m.: Downtown Location
Using Lexis. Learn how to effectively use this database and save time doing legal research.


Ethics MCLE: Jan 7: 12-1 p.m.: Downtown Location
Coming Soon: Random Client Trust Audits. Be the first to get insights on how to survive an audit of client trust accounts.


MCLE: Jan 8: 12-1 p.m.: Vista Location
Using Lexis. Learn how to effectively use this database and save time doing legal research – this is a repeat class!


Substance Abuse MCLE: Jan 9: 12-1 p.m. Downtown Location
Substance Abuse, Recognition, Understanding and Intervention. Learn how to recognize the signs, how substance abuse can affect your personal and professional life and the process for intervention and recovery.


Ethics MCLE: Jan 12: 12-1 p.m.: Downtown Location
When is a Mistake Malpractice? Learn about the law of mistake and ethical breaches to avoid legal malpractice lawsuits.


MCLE: Jan 13: 12-1 p.m.: Downtown Location
Introduction to Nonimmigrant Visas for Temporary Work and Investment in the United States. Learn about the different non-immigrant visa categories available to businesses to bring temporary workers to the U.S.


Bias MCLE: Jan 14: 12-1 p.m.: Vista Location
Bias/Discrimination Elimination: A Review for Attorneys (DVD) presents an overview of different types of discrimination and bias, covering misconceptions and reasonable accommodations for essential functions – this is a repeat class!


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