Every three years, California attorneys who wish to maintain their eligibility to practice law have to complete 25 hours of approved MCLE credits.  The deadline for attorneys whose last names start with a letter from A through G to complete those 25 hours is February 1, 2016.

At least 12.5 hours have to be participatory and the remaining half can be self-study.

We’ve got you covered! We are an approved provider of participatory MCLE credit and we have self-study MCLE classes on CD.

You can satisfy your participatory requirements with over 15 classes in December and January. We have hard to find courses on Legal Ethics and Competence Issues. Each 1 hour of credit is $20, but you can save, if you are a member, by purchasing a Crunch Card.  Crunch Cards allow you to take as many classes as you want for just $149.

Visit our calendar to see all of our upcoming classes and sign up early!

Self Study

We have almost 100 self-study credit recordings available. You can watch them at the Law Library, or you can check them out up to 9 at a time and watch them later.

We have the MCLE logs for you to record your self-study, or you can download it from the state bar web site.

If you have questions, contact us or drop in to any of our locations.