10 Things People Always Do While Studying for the Bar (Part II)

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Here they are, folks, #6-10:

6. Gain or Lose Weight. The stress of studying for the bar exam will affect your eating habits in one way or another. Maybe you’re the type that enjoys a good stress eat and can’t work out until you have finished all the work for the day (spoiler alert: that never happens).

7. Pick Up a Weird Habit. You will do something that surprises you…watching America’s Next Top Model or listening to disco music or spend hours on YouTube watching Broadway musical performances. Whatever. It’ll be new, and it’ll be weird.

8. Drink Alone. There will come a day when the anxiety of the day will result in you drinking a beer in your underwear at three in the afternoon. Or, you may just find it too hard to schedule hanging out with people, so any drinking you do ends up happening in your apartment, solo.

9. Have a Weird Run-in with a Stranger. You will live in a bubble of bar study. You will dress terribly, shower rarely, and be either too thin or too fat for your current clothes. The stressed, frazzled person you are will at some point confuse or insult someone who simply does not understand you. Maybe you will call something arbitrary and capricious and then laugh hysterically and, arguably, manically. Maybe you will explain that you filled out the wrong form, and you will become the kind of jerk that yells at someone trying their best to do their job.

10. Cry. You will cry at some point. You might cry in response to studying for the bar – after failing a practice exam, feeling overwhelmed, or being afraid of failure. Or you’ll break down about something wholly unrelated to but still caused by bar study – when the hotel you want to book is all full, when watching an episode of The Bachelorette, or when you run out of shampoo a week before the exam.

All of this thanks to Kate Currer, a writer, stand-up comic, and attorney. Her other work can be found at Her shortest writings can be found on Twitter @KateCurrer.
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